Preparedness for Rain-Flood-Wind and Traffic Situation (RFWT) Using Information (Warnings) from PAGASA, MMDA, and Network

SCANNING for Red Flags
Primary Scan – PAGASA
Homepage with Folders (NCR / Northern Luzon / Southern Luzon / Visayas / Mindanao)
Look at the Weather for the day for the whole country focusing on interested region (such as NCR).
Go to interested region (such as NCR). Look at the Weather and then Warning / Advisory (Rainfall; Cyclone; Thunderstorm; Gale). Focus on Rainfall Warning (Yellow, Orange, Red).
Scan the Tweets of PAG-ASA on the right side of the home page and look for red flags (warnings) that can be used for self and for network (family, colleagues, friends, etc.) [Note: one can use the PAG-ASA Facebook also for needed information.] {} {}

Additional Scan: MMDA
For those living in NCR, use MMDA updates on rains, floods, winds and traffic also.
One can use the Tweets and Facebook of MMDA also: [] []
Look for red flags (warnings) that can be used for self and for network (family, colleagues, friends, etc.)

INFORMATION DISSEMINATION TO NETWORK (family, colleagues, friends, etc.)
Disseminate red flags (warnings) information (especially Orange and Red Rainfall, Floods, Traffic) to network through SMS.


Scanning and warning information gathering-dissemination

Scanning – through desktop / laptop computer with Internet accessibility or through cellphone with Internet accessibility or installed applications.

  •                 To be done before going out of house or before going back to house.
  •                 To be done on the road if needed and if with access to Internet or with installed applications in cellphones or tablets.

Warning Information Gathering-Dissemination –

  •                 Get warning information from Network.
  •                 Disseminate warning information to Network (members to agree on a system – particularly on when and frequency)


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