Prayer to be prayed by patients

July 1 and July 3, 2014, I spent significant amount of time with at least two patients who recently acquired an illness formulating a short prayer. Depression was their first reaction.  I tried to comfort them with a prayer that was collaboratively developed by us (the patient and me).  This was a prayer that tried to answer the question they kept on asking me why they got the illness (answer in the prayer: trial from the Heavenly Father as no physician can give answers on absolute and exact causes).  The prayer also tried to promote acceptance of the illness and outcomes of whatever treatment (as no physician like me can guarantee cure – there is a saying, “cure sometimes, relief often, and comfort always”).  Most important of all, the prayer provides COMFORT through trust and faith in the Heavenly Father and full acceptance of His plan.

Heavenly Father,

I consider the illness that I got is your trial for me. 

I wholeheartedly accept this because I trust in your plan for me.

Nevertheless, I still pray please help me in overcoming this illness and trial with a cure as much as possible and without much suffering.

Help me to have faith that you will never leave my side. 

Whatever be the outcome of my illness and trial, I will thank you and say, “thy will be done.”  Amen.

A Patient’s Prayer_14oct4


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