Retirement from Private Medical Practice @ 2014? – ROJoson

I have received a lot of queries and concerns related to my recent “retirement.”  Major sources of queries and concerns consist of my patients mainly; then medical colleagues in the academe and private practice; colleagues in hospital administration; and then friends outside my medical professional life circle.

Below is the most recent (14mar2) query that I received from a patient.


Last February 22, 2014, a patient called up saying that she wanted to have a last check-up with me as she heard that I was retiring from medical practice.

In the light of these queries, I like to make the following quick announcement on my private medical practice: (In the near future, I will share my write-ups on my concept of retirement and what I will do after age 65, which is the compulsory retirement age for those in government service.)

I will continue my private medical practice in Manila Doctors Hospital.

I will maintain the usual schedule of ROJoson Medical Clinic in Manila Doctors Hospital.





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