“Libag” or Dead Skin Accumulation after Mastectomy

“Libag” or Dead Skin Accumulation after Mastectomy

Below is a common scene after a mastectomy – “libag” or dead skin accumulation.   This is mainly due to inadequate cleaning while taking a bath.  Patients are afraid to clean the area well to prevent accumulation of the “libag” or to remove them.    [Note: this can also be seen in other areas of the body that have been operated on such as on the abdominal wasll.]

I have to remove the “libag” for these patients during check-ups to show them what they really are, how they can be easily removed, and coonvince them not to be afraid to wash the areas properly.  I have to allay the fear that the wound will not dehisce and will not get infected.

libag_post_mastectomy_14jan18 (2)

The brownish areas contain the “libag” or dead skin stuff.

libag_post_mastectomy_14jan18 (3) With wet cottons, gently rub the area to remove the stuff.


After removing most of the the dead skin stuff.   This is a better sight than the one containing a lot of “libag.”


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