Pathology Report Template

January 10, 2014 – when I saw the following pathology report submitted to me by my patient, my reactions were:


1. I like the template of the pathologist’s report.   With the pictures and data of the pathologist in the report, I got to know the pathologist, his credentials, and contact number.  These information are important to me as a clinician who will ultimately be the one to interpret all available data and assist the patient in decision-making. To accept the pathologist’s report or to put on hold, aside from correlating the report with the presenting signs and symptoms of the patient (or clinical diagnosis), I always look at the pathologist who makes the report and credentials.  If there is a need, I talk to him to make a decision on the pre-treatment diagnosis.  Having the contact numbers readily available in the report, the pathologist facilitates my contacting him for questions and discussion.

2. I was glad to reconnect with Dr. Luis Cruz who I know as far back as the 90’s and have not interacted with him for a long time.

Dr. Rey


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