Medical Records of Patients – ROJoson Medical Clinic Advisory – 2013-08-09

Medical Records of Patients


ROJOSON Advisory: Always Keep a Copy of Your Medical Records

All human beings should keep a copy of their medical records throughout their lifetime!

They should develop a habit and a system of keeping a file of all their medical records. 

The records will come in handy when they are needed for medical consults and medical clearances in applications for job, insurance, migration, etc.




I suggest putting medical records in clear books as illustrated above.   If possible, scan and keep soft copies in a computer or USB for back-up purposes.  An additional box and other container may be needed to store bigger and bulkier medical records such as x-ray plates and CDs containing results of medical examinations.

Advices to Patients When Consulting Doctors in the Medical Clinics:

DO NOT LEAVE ANY AND ALL YOUR MEDICAL RECORDS WITH ANY MEDICAL DOCTOR YOU CONSULTED! Make sure you have a copy, preferably, the original copy. In the future, you will have difficulty getting your medical records from your doctors. They may be lost in your doctors’ clinics. Your doctors may die with your records. You may be shy and afraid to get your medical records from your initial doctor when you want to go to another doctor for a second opinion.

Advices to Physicians in Medical Clinics:

ALWAYS ENCOURAGE YOUR PATIENTS TO HAVE A COPY OF THEIR MEDICAL RECORDS IN THEIR POSSESSION!  Do NOT get any and all their medical records without them having a copy.  Encourage them to develop a habit of keeping a file of their medical records.

For details:

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