WORLD CANCER DECLARATION – ROJoson’s Pledge of Commitment and Support



                 The Declaration calls on the world to take immediate steps to reduce the global cancer burden by committing to the 11 Declaration targets and providing resources and political backing for the priority actions needed to achieve them.

  1. Sustainable delivery systems will be in place to ensure that effective cancer control programs are available in all countries.
  2. The measurement of the global cancer burden and the impact of cancer control interventions will have improved significantly.
  3. Global tobacco consumption, obesity and alcohol intake levels will have fallen significantly.
  4. Populations in the areas affected by HPV and HBV will be covered by universal vaccination programs.
  5. Public attitudes towards cancer will improve and damaging myths and misconceptions about the disease will be dispelled.
  6. Many more cancers will be diagnosed when still localized through the provision of screening and early detection programs and high levels of public and professional awareness about…

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