Mass vs Prominence of Tissue or Organ of the Body (NO need for Treatment – “False Lump”) – Beware

April 2012, I posted a write-up entitled “Concepts and Usages of “Bukol,” Bump, Mass, Lump, Nodule, Tumor and Cyst in the Philippines.”

In that write-up, I said the following:

A “mass” or “bukol” must be differentiated from prominence, induration and swelling of tissues and enlargement of organs.

Prominence of a tissue means it is more protruding than usual but there is no space-occupying mass.  Examples of prominence of tissues are a prominent part of a jaw, muscle, and rib.

A month after my write-up,  a teenager from Quezon Province consulted me.  She was about to be operated on in the province.  She came to me for second opinion.

She consulted a physician for “bukol” in front of her ears.  The pictures show the areas where she felt the apparent “bukol.”  She was given 2-week course of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs.  With no subsidence of her “bukol,” the physician recommended operation.

When I saw her, my diagnosis was that she just had prominent temporo-manbidular joints, which were still considered normal.  I told her she had nothing to worry about.  No need for operation.  No need for antibiotics.

Physicians and patients, BE AWARE of this situation! BEWARE of patients taking unnecessary antibiotics and medications and being subjected to unwarranted operation!

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