How I Treated a 66-year-old Female with Ganglion Cyst on the Wrist

How I Treated a 66-year-old Female with Ganglion Cyst on the Wrist

April 12, 2012

Treatment: Needle aspiration of the ganglion cyst on the wrist.

The ganglion cyst (1.5 cm in its greatest diameter) on the underside of the right wrist.

Lateral view of the ganglion cyst.

After prepping the mass with alcohol, needle puncture using hypodermic needle G-19 connected to a 20-cc hypodermic syringe.  No need for local anesthesia in most patients.  One puncture only.

Aspiration after needle puncture.  Notice the collapse of the cystic mass as the gel-fluid contents have been aspirated into the syringe.  The gel-fluid is thick and clear.  It is not clearly seen in this picture.  See picture below.

The gel-fluid placed on the slide for picture taking purpose.

The cystic mass has instantly disappeared.

Side view.  No more bulge on the wrist.







The content of the ganglion cyst, gel-fluid, the usual content of the wrist joint.  This fluid may be discarded.

Patient is advised to take paracetamol if needed for pain.

No immobilization needed.

Patient is advised on minimizing physical stress on the wrist.


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