Blog Site of ROJoson’s Medical Clinic – March 21, 2012

Today, March 21, 2012, I created this blog site in to communicate with my current and future patients.

I will place my personal thoughts, perceptions, opinions, and recommendations (TPORs) on various medical management.

My objectives for establishing this blog site are twofold.  One, I hope that by reading my blogs, my current and future patients will understand the philosophy and processes behind my recommended management of their medical conditions.  Second, I hope that through my blogs I can contribute to the public’s easier understanding of health and medicine.  There is a medical jungle out there, in the world, in the Internet.  I hope to help in reducing the confusion.

I will try my best.

Note 1: This site will not be used for consultation.

Note 2: This site contains my thoughts, perceptions, opinions, and recommendations (TPOR).  I don’t expect everybody to agree with my TPORs.

Dr. Rey

DSMT Room 301
Manila Doctors Hospital
Clinic Schedule: Tuesday, 10-12; Thursday, 10-12; Saturday, 9-11.  Other days, by appointment.
Tel. 522-47-13
Cellphone No.: 09188040304

Updated: ROJ@16jan17

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